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If you have been injured in an automobile accident or work injury it is critical to have a trained Chiropractic professional assess any possible pain and whiplash damage. In most instances, someone involved in a low inpact whiplash accident might not feel any pain immediately, and sometimes perhaps for weeks before pain is first noticed. At Chiropractic Works in Pittsfield our highly trained Chiropractor will evaluate you, the same day, taking you through all the steps to assure that you are pain free. Research shows that even in an accident of only 5 MPH disc buldging, herniated disc, dizziness, vertigo, and chronic pain are possible. The most common symptoms are headaches, neck pain, low back pain, muscle sprains or strains, frozen shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle pain. Our interventional pain management and Chiropractic health care can help to alleviate those problems. Our Chiropractors at Chiropractic Works Pittsfield are dedicated to helping you achieve your pre accident status. Our Pittsfield Chiropractic office utilizes the most advanced Chiropractic medicine coupled with non-surgical, non-invasive, low force, Chiropractic techniques. Our "state of the art" Chiropractic techniques include Thompson Drops, Koren Specific Technique, Gonstead, Activator Methods, Arthrostim Adjusting, and Percussor Work. Our Chiropractors use the latest and most effective technologically advanced chiropractic techniques to insure long term relief for our patients. Our work is safe, gentle, and effective in getting you the pain relief you need and deserve. We are centrally located at the Doctors park in Pittsfield and have been happily serving our neighbors in Adams, Lanesborough, Hinsdale, Dalton, Cheshire, Richmond, Lenox, West Stockbridge, and other surrounding areas. We accept most insurances and will gladly offer a complimentary benefit analysis, and work with your lawyer to get you the Chiropractic care you need. Call us today at 413-997-8008