Below are actual testimonial from Yahoo and Google that can be viewed along with others at those sites. I am grateful for my Chiropractic career which has afforded my wife and I the opportunity to travel the world helping people in need. We have been fortunate to have lived in, and traveled to countries like Sri Lanka, Tailand, Czech Republic, and Australia.  We have privately funded Chiropractic mission work, traveling the globe to spread the word and help those suffering to achieve a better quality of life. We have changed the lives of those suffering with broken limbs, (hip, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow pain), dislocated and frozen shoulders, herniated discs, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, migraine headaches, and a host of other symptoms.  Service to others has given our lives meaning and purpose and we feel blessed to have been able to serve those around the world in need of Chiropractic care. In May of 2005, we returned to the USA to support our ageing parents and selected the Berkshires as our community to both live and practice.  We have continued our mission of serving and have been active members in the Pittsfield Chamber and  Pittsfield Rotary suppporting and giving back to our community.  It is a privledge to be living and practicing in the Berkshires and bringing Chiropractic  to those I love and care about. You will find our Chiropractic office to be different then others because it is not a business to us, but our passion to help others achieve the life they deserve.

I recently started to see Dr. Garber from Chiropractic Works after I was involved in an auto accident 2-3 months prior. After my auto accident I had some low back pain, neck pain, and shooting pain into my right shoulder, arm, and fingers. At the time of the auto injury the Doctor at the hospital put me on flexerol, gave me a neck brace, and told me I would be OK. I suffered for weeks with pain and it only seemed to be getting worse, not better, so my next Doctor's visit I was put on a large dose of pain killers. After 2-3 weeks of no relief my nephew finally made me an appointment with a Chiropractor. I went reluctantly, but was in for the surprise of my life. Dr. Garber spent over an hour with me that day, did an exam, and immediately sent me for an xray, something that was never considered by the hospital or my own Doctor. The next morning he called me back in and showed me my x-rays, to learn that I had a bad whiplash from my car accident. It was amazing to finally know what was wrong and to start to get it corrected. The relief was not immediate, but soon after I started chiropractic treatment my headaches were gone, I could sleep, and came off those pain meds. I am now almost pain free and owe a great deal to Dr. Garber. If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain you need to find a Chiropractor like Doctor Garber.

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As a former colleague AND former patient...‎  By JanelleK - Aug 9, 2009
I can say with utmost sincerity that he excels in his profession. Not only is he an excellent chiropractor with vast knowledge and experience in his field, he is also a caring, wise person who teaches his patients wellness while helping them heal. Dr. Scott treats each patient as an individual, unique, holistic being. I have never encountered a patient of Scott's who has not improved in health and outlook after seeing him regularly.

I think this Dr. is the greatest‎  By jamesoconnor59 - Aug 4, 2009

I am so grateful for Dr. Garber from Chiropractic Works. When I started treatment in 2007 it was because of my on going neck pain and headaches. I lived on Tylenol for 6-7 months for the headaches and they prevented me from working and having fun. One morning I got out of the shower and a shock like pain rippled from my head into my shoulder. I called off work and call my Father who told me to call Chiropractic Works. I am glad I did because in a very short time my pain was gone and I was able to get back to work. What I found most amazing was that I was not even aware that my neck was causing my headaches and shortly they were gone. Dr. Garber is a great educator and has taught me so much about my body and spine. I am now a believer and have referred all my family and co-workers. Thanks Dr. Garber

In the 46 years I have known my brother Scott Garber I have been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor he has been involved with. A prior enlisted sailor and now U.S. Naval veteran (1982-1986) who consistently demonstrates a giving and generous nature by providing chiropractic relief for those in need. He is dependable, reliable, hard-working, honest, conscientious, courteous, and most of all generous. He always finds time to volunteer for various community related projects to better the community and surrounding areas. When you choosing Dr. Scott Garber as your chiropractor you’ll be choosing someone knowledgeable and willing to spend the time necessary to treat you with safe and proven procedures, and the latest in chiropractic techniques.


My boss had been pressing me for months to visit Dr. Scott at Chiropracticworks for my low back pain. I was very afraid at first because I had been to a different chiropractor 4 years earlier who laid me down on his table and manipulated by back. I was in so much pain and worse after his treatment. I thought all Chiropractors were the same but my experience at chiropracticworks was amazing and very different. Dr. Scott spent our first visit asking questions, doing many different tests, and took a set of x-rays. That afternoon he went over the tests and xrays taking the time to tell me and show me what was exactly wrong. Then he explained to me options for care. I can tell you that with all the information i got that day I felt informed and able to make a decision to help myself. Dr. Scott takes the time to explain things and helped me to be part of my own healing process. Within 3 weeks of seeing him my pain was gone, I was sleeping better, and my reflux had eased. Recently I sent my mother and father to see Dr. Scott and he was able to help my dad with an arthritic condition and my mother with a knee problem. I am so grateful my boss made me go to see Dr. Scott, its changed my life. Dawn